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      The skin changes during adolescence: it becomes thicker, shiny, blemishes appear to a varying extent and sometimes remain into adulthood.

      Bioderma’s solution: Sébium, a range tailored to oily and acne-prone skin. 
      The Sébium range has cleansing and skincare products that are specifically recommended by dermatologists: face cleansers for oily skin (foaming gel, micellar water), anti-blemish creams, moisturisers for acne-prone skin, and more. Choose your routine!   

      Sebium Foaming Gel Sebium Foaming Gel
      From Dhs. 26.00 Dhs. 52.00
      Sebium H2O Sebium H2O
      From Dhs. 19.00 Dhs. 38.00
      Sebium Lotion Sebium Lotion
      Dhs. 49.50 Dhs. 99.00
      Sebium Pain Sebium Pain
      Dhs. 21.00 Dhs. 42.00