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      A purposed-driven company with a mission, inspired by a claimed humanist UTOPIA

      We are committed to CARE about the skin, our users, our communities.
      Finding his place at the junction of 3 ecosystems: Health, Human, Life (Planet), NAOS purpose is in accordance with the sustainability principles, placing Human and Planet Health at the center of its actions, and to serve everyone, being conscious and celebrating each one uniqueness. We want to be the change we want to see for a healthier world. To be the change that NAOS wants to see for the world in the areas of beauty, health, wellness and ageing well, we follow values and a raison d’être based on our belonging to a philanthropic “foundation” whose mission is: To sustainably establish the company’s mission in the long term with an ethical system based on health and wellness, help people in difficulty or distress to realise their human potential.

      • CARE for Our Planet


      • CARE for Our Communities


      • CARE for Responsible Business


      • CARE for Our People