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      A purposed-driven company with a mission, inspired by a claimed humanist UTOPIA

      In line with the sustainability principles, NAOS key purpose lays at the junction of three ecosystems: Health, Mankind, and Life. Keeping those pillars at the core, NAOS aims to serving everyone, remain ethically fair and celebrate individual uniqueness.


      We aim to be a company that serves the world through the positive impact of its way
      of thinking and its actions in support of human health and the health of our planet.

      NAOS ME is making 10 commitments, organized in 4 fundamentals derived from the Care Movement.

      Our Planet

      • Limit the environmental impact generated
      by NAOS ME activity

      • Follow a Responsible Purchase Policy
      • Reduce our Carbon Footprint

      Our Communities

      • Offer ecobiological products that contribute to improve customers health, well-being and life and go  from skin care to Human care
      • Raise awareness of our communities with authenticity 

      Responsible Enterprise

      •Work in an ethical and honest way
      •Build trust and long-term partnerships
      •Express ourselves through responsible communication 

      Our People

      • Being driven by a people-centric approach

      • Promote a culture turned towards the world and towards the others

      Because the planet can’t be saved unless people show it a little love, our company is focused towards responsible growth to construct a sustainable future for us all.