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      Chemical peeling procedure

      Chemical peeling procedure Naos Care


      Chemical peels can be used to improve the skin texture ,this treatment can be used to reduce fine lines ,improve  the appearance of mild scars ,reduce age spot ,freckles and treat certain types of acne all of this can be treated by applying a chemical solution to the skin which make it blister and eventually  peel of which helps the skin to look more smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin .

      Types Of Chemical Peel

      There are three types of chemicals peels ;

      • Light chemical peel –that type of peeling used to removes the outer layer of skin ,it can be used to treat fine lines ,acne ,and to improve the skin texture ,you might have a light chemical peel as often as every two to five weeks depending on your desired results.
      • Medium chemical peels ;this type of chemical peels removes skin cells from the epidermis to dermis ,this peeling can also treat wrinkles ,acne scars and pigmentation, and you can repeat it after three month to nine month to maintain the result .
      • Deep chemical peel; this peeling removes skin cells from the epidermis and from portions of the mid lower layer of your dermis ,this type of peeling recommended for deep wrinkles ,scars and can only be performed once .

      Important steps to prepare for a chemical peel

      • Choose the right type of peel for your skin ; your skin concerns will be deciding factor in choosing which chemical peel is right for you ,for example if your concern only to exfoliate your skin so a light chemical peel can do the trick and if you want to treat deeb wrinkles or hyperpigmentation so a deeper chemical peel is required .
      • Stop using exfoliants during your weakly routine ; if you are planning for chemical peel you should avoid any exfoliant product contains retinol ,salicylic acid or alpha hydroxide acid before your appointment as continue using them can cause trauma to the skin .
      • Keep your skin moisture ;its very important to keep your skin hydrated before your appointment and moisturized before your appointment and avoid any creams or any skin product can cause any dryness for at least one week before .
      • Don’t plan apeel if you have a special event ; make sure to have enough time for your skin to heal before any  event .
      • Avoid tanning and direct sun exposure for 2 weeks at least before your peeling procedure 

      How To Care For Your Skin After Peeling;

      There are a few great tips after chemical peel we should follow to mentain the best result from your treatment ,most important one to avoid sun  exposure at least for several weeks or month depending on the intensity of the chemical peel used, a sunscreen of spf 50 or higher must be used whenever you expose to the sun.

      After your peeling also you should focus more to moisture your skin and avoid any products in your normal skin care routine that may have active ingredients can cause any irritation to your skin .




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