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      We consider the planet at all levels of the company and the value chain.

      We have started implementing actions to reduce NAOS ME’s impact on the environment. Aware of the progress we have to achieve to reach our goals, we aim to proceed step by step, securing and turning each improvement into asustainable practice.

      Limit the environmental impact generated by NAOS ME activity

      Limit our Carbon Footprint

      Since 2019, NAOS ME is measuring its carbon footprint, covering the scope 1,2 and 3 within its regional affiliates. Always seeking for improvement, a yearly carbon reduction target is set to 10% reduction of the total footprint.

      Climate Contribution

      We have started our first carbon contribution towards carbon neutrality by compensating the carbon footprint of our UAE freight. Choosing a trustworthy partner, specialized in carbon offsetting projects with social and environmental co-benefits for the local communities involved, and certified Gold Standard. The Cutting expenditure on wood makes a huge difference to families already living in poverty, and reducing time spent foraging for wood means more time to spend on small holdings and securing good harvest. The project distributes cook stoves at half price.

      50% reduction in wood consumption

      of forests

      Improving health & safety of  the community

      80% reduction in Air Pollution

      Reducing household expenditure on fuel

      Recycle for our Planet

      Going beyond our sourcing, we have launched a pilot Recycling Program that allows our consumers to recycle their waste and get rewarded for their contrubution to limit our impact on the environment.