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      Express ourselves through responsible communication and marketing

      In Naos, The way we do things matters as much as the things we do. We deeply care about our business practices. They are the essence of our identity and lay our values of beauty, profitability, truth and fairness. We interact with our communities and stakeholders in an ethical, honest and transparent way, respecting the freedom and choices of all.."

      " We commit to always reflect our standards of transparency and inclusivity in our messages and promote life, sustainability in all its forms within our stakeholder ecosystems. "

      ASK NAOS Initiative

      Following this approach, and also born from this desire for transparency, we decided to share with you the composition of the formulas of our 3 brands Bioderma, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur. Ask NAOS is the platform that will make you discover the origin, nature and role of each ingredient. By monitoring and reducing the social and environmental impact of our communication tools, following our “Responsible Purchase Charter”, we also work on empowering our marketing activity, making it more sustainable year after year.