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Act for the community beyond skin care

NAOS’ goal is to serve all the communities that participate in the creation of our products including research partners, pharmacists, dermatologists, physical therapists, maternity wards, beauty salon workers, etc. Even those who use our products and, on a larger scale, all those who share our way of thinking. We believe that our actions shouldn’t be limited to our own development purposes and that sharing the fruits of our success with others via socially impactful projects is a way to improve the quality of life in the communities.

The story of Naos Village

Since 2018 we are partnering with the global humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger to develop NAOS Village Humanitarian Program held in Dharni, India. The primary objective of this program is to fight against malnutrition of children under the age of 5 years old. 


  Villages Covered


Kids Cured


 Pregnant & lactating women reached and supported 

NAOS ME Sponsorship Program

An educational program that comes to consolidate the achievements of NAOS Village. Going beyond improving nutritional standards, we are now focusing on education too. We work to provide uninterrupted access to quality education, thereby providing enrolled children the opportunity to shape their own future, realize their true potential and grow up to be educated, independent and flourishing citizens. We offer our collaborators the opportunity to sponsor the education of underprivileged children, allowing them to contribute towards building a better and more equitable future for communities in Dharni, India.

Our Values

 Gender Equality

  We ensure parity. In the first year of program 47 % of the children sponsored were boys while 53% were girls.


NAOS ME is rehabilitating public schools in the region where most of the children from the local communities attend classes.


 NAOS ME is committing to support a kid from the beginning of his/her enrollment to the completion of his/her schooling  cycle until High School.

A Corporate commitment supported by our collaborators

Tatyana Shin

Brand Manager- ETAT PUR GCC and NAOS ME - Sponsor

" I was really  excited when the program started in our region  as I always wanted to make a difference in someone's life. Empowering a child with education is a very powerful way to uplift society."

Jean Girard

Regional Executive 
Director & NAOS ME -Sponsor

"It is an honour to be able to contribute in impacting someone else's life."

NAOS Middle East 
Charity Programs

At a larger scale, we want to be at the service of our communities in every possible way. Since 2022, we started to support the employees that contribute in a charity initiative by giving them one working day per month to dedicate time in their chosen philanthropic/charitable activity.

Raise awareness of our communities with authenticity and sincerity


We encourage NAOS people to develop their own sensibility towards sustainability issues. That is why we annually organize a NAOS Talk. An event dedicated to raise awareness about climate change and challenging the social and environmental impact of their business practices.

NAOS Action Camp

We offer our collaborators to contribute to build a better world through their work and action.With NAOS Village, they can volunteer to act and provide help to the Action Against Hunger field team in India.