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Care for Our People

With its ability to create meaning and relationships, NAOS is building an open community, a human adventure in which projects and people can blossom and develop. To be an environment that allows women and men in search of meaning to ‘thrive’ with the company and take part in a great human adventure.

Being Driven by a people-centric approach

We attribute NAOS success stories to our collaborators. And our recognition starts with us taking care of them by supporting them in their way of working. We have developed a policy with flexibility which offer the possibility for our people to work from anywhere in the globe, allowing them to ensure the balance between work and private life.

Promote a culture turned towards the world and towards others

We want our collaborators to be able to contribute to build a better world through their work and action. With the NAOS Village Camps, the volunteers act to provide help to the Action Against Hunger field team in India. This solidary action is also an eye-opening and lifechanging experience shared towards our teams that develop new skills. 

NAOS ME volunteers and Action Against Hunger field team after building poultry units for beneficiaries.