Bioderma Products For Acne-Prone Skincare Routine

8 Bioderma Products For Acne-Prone Skincare Routine

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When you have acne, it's natural to want to get rid of it quickly. But using every product that says it fights acne might make things worse. It could cause more breakouts or make your skin dry and sensitive. Taking care of your skin isn't a straight path; it changes as you age. Even if your acne goes away, it's essential to be happy with your skin just the way it is.

Skincare is not just about fixing problems; it's about appreciating the journey, understanding that your skin changes, and feeling good about yourself, even if you have acne.

Today, altered pictures and beauty filters have become common, and many of us are comparing our physical features and skin to these impossible images. It’s important to understand that acne is a common skin condition. To help reduce inflammation and breakouts, we have the best Bioderma products for acne. 

Sebium Foaming Gel:



Apply to damp skin, lather, and rinse for a refreshing cleanse. Ideal for mornings and evenings.


Enriched with zinc sulfate and copper sulfate, regulating sebum for balanced skin.

The Sebium Foaming Gel offers a revitalizing cleanse for acne-prone skin. Applying it to damp skin, lathering, and rinsing provides a refreshing routine suitable for morning and evening use. The key ingredients, zinc sulfate and copper sulfate, work harmoniously to regulate sebum production, promoting balanced and healthier skin.

Sebium H2O:

sebium H2O


Soak a pad cleanse gently for a makeup-free face. Repeat for thorough cleansing.


Micelles capture impurities, balancing sebum secretion with a gentle cleanse.

For effective makeup removal without irritation, the Sebium H2O micellar water is amongst the best Bioderma products for acne. Soak a cotton pad, gently cleanse for a makeup-free face, and repeat until the pad is clean. The magic lies in the micelles—tiny cleansing molecules that capture impurities, ensuring a thorough cleanse while maintaining the delicate balance of sebum secretion.

Sebium Pore Refiner:


Apply alone or under makeup for tightened pores. Suitable for daily use.


Agaric and salicylic acid refine skin, while ginkgo biloba extract smoothens.

The Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner is the best Bioderma product for acne that is applied for refining skin texture and minimizing enlarged pores. Apply it alone or under makeup; it's suitable for daily use. The powerful combination of agaric acid and salicylic acid tightens pores, promoting a smoother complexion. Additionally, ginkgo biloba extract's antioxidant properties contribute to the skin's overall health and radiance.

Sebium Lotion:



Apply on T-zone for a matte finish. Ideal for morning and evening use.


Fluidactiv complex keeps pores clear, and citric acid provides an astringent effect.

The Bioderma Sebium Lotion is designed to tone and purify, focusing on the T-zone. Applying it in the morning and evening ensures a matte finish that lasts. The fluidactiv complex in most Bioderma products for acne actively keeps pores clear. At the same time, citric acid adds an astringent effect, contributing to the desired matte finish without compromising hydration.

Sebium Global:



Apply 1-2 times daily for blemish-free skin, alone or under makeup.


AHA esters, salicylic acid, and citric acid fight blemishes, regulate sebum, and refine skin.

Bioderma Sebium Global is your ally in the fight against blemishes. Apply it once or twice daily for clear, blemish-free skin. Its potent combination of AHA esters, salicylic acid, and citric acid, whether alone or as a makeup base, targets blemishes. It regulates sebum production and refines skin texture for a healthier, more radiant complexion.

Sebium Exfoliating Purifying Gel:


Massage onto damp skin, leave for a minute and rinse weekly.


Micro-beads, glycolic, and salicylic acid exfoliate, unclog pores, and renew skin.

The Bioderma Sebium Exfoliating Purifying Gel is your weekly treatment for a deeper cleanse. Massage it onto damp skin, leave for a minute, and then rinse. The micro-beads and the power of glycolic and salicylic acid work together to exfoliate, unclog pores, and renew the skin's surface, leaving you with a revitalized and radiant complexion.

Sebium Mat Control:



Apply in the morning for a matte effect. Excellent as a makeup base.


Zinc gluconate vitamin B6 regulates sebum, while laminaria tightens pores.

Combat shine and achieve a long-lasting matte effect with Bioderma Sebium Mat Control. Applying it in the morning provides a matte finish and makes it an excellent makeup base. The synergistic action of zinc gluconate and vitamin B6 regulates sebum production, while laminaria extract contributes to tightening pores, leaving you with a flawless, shine-free complexion.

Sebium Night Peel:



Apply nightly for enhanced skin renewal. Avoid the eye area.


Glycolic and citric acid work overnight, reducing blemishes and refining skin texture.

Cap off your nighttime routine with Bioderma Sebium Night Peel. Apply it every night to clean dry skin, avoiding the eye area. While you sleep, the dynamic duo of glycolic and citric acid works, promoting enhanced skin renewal, reducing blemishes, and refining skin texture. Wake up to a revitalized and rejuvenated complexion.

Improve your skin texture and get a radiant complexion with these Bioderma products for acne. The Sebium range has the best Bioderma products for acne that will help you achieve the skin you desire and deserve. Check out our products on NAOS for further details about our Sebium range.