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      Bioderma Body Care

      Your skin requires specific care products. BIODERMA’s body care products have been formulated to restore the cutaneous barrier. Whether you have a dry, itchy, irritated or atopic-prone skin, there is a suitable solution to repair and soothe it lastingly. 

      Atoderm Cream Pump Atoderm Cream Pump
      From Dhs. 37.50 Dhs. 75.00
      Cicabio Pommade Cicabio Pommade
      Dhs. 36.00 Dhs. 72.00
      Cicabio Cream Cicabio Cream
      Dhs. 34.50 Dhs. 69.00
      Cicabio Arnica+ Cicabio Arnica+
      Dhs. 38.00 Dhs. 76.00
      Atoderm SOS Spray Atoderm SOS Spray
      From Dhs. 20.50 Dhs. 41.00
      Atoderm Intensive Balm Atoderm Intensive Balm
      From Dhs. 20.00 Dhs. 40.00
      Atoderm Hand Cream Atoderm Hand Cream
      Dhs. 24.00 Dhs. 48.00
      White Objective Hand Cream
      Dhs. 27.50 Dhs. 55.00
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