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Bioderma Cicabio Lotion Spray 40ml
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Nourish & Protect your skin with the Bioderma Body Lotion

While it’s essential to preserve & nourish your facial skin, you also need to nourish the skin on other parts of your body. A body lotion nourishes & hydrates your skin and protects it from the harsh environment of the UAE.

Like your face, your body also tends to lose moisture throughout the day, which makes your skin dry. Using the Bioderma body lotion keeps your skin plump & moisturized throughout the day. It’s especially useful for those with sensitive or dry skin.

Why should you use a Body Lotion?

Adding a body lotion to your daily skincare routine provides your body with the necessary hydration and nourishment. Body lotion locks in moisture and helps reduce dryness, roughness, and irritation. At Bioderma, we offer the best body lotion for women, and here’s why you should add them to your skincare routine:

Rehydrates your skin:

The main objective of any Body cream or body lotion is to hydrate your skin. Our Bioderma Body lotion nourishes your skin & preserves its natural barrier, which restores moisture lost due to wind, sunlight, and the hot climate of UAE.

Soothes Rough Patches:

 Regularly applying a bath and body lotion helps soften your skin & soothes any rough patches. It provides your body with the deep hydration it needs, which allows you to tackle dry, rough, scaly, and itchy skin.

Reduces signs of Aging:

Certain whitening body lotions with anti-aging ingredients help you reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. A body lotion keeps your skin firm and boosts collagen production by giving it the hydration it needs.

Reduces Irritation and dryness:

A moisturizing cream helps soothe irritated & sensitive skin. It reduces redness that can be caused due to hot water, shaving, or other irritants. It also helps to heal and moisturize dry areas like the knees, elbows, and feet. 

How to select a Body lotion for your skin type

Before you buy a Body lotion online, we recommend you consult a dermatologist to identify your skin type. Bioderma offers some of the best body lotion and cream collections formulated to moisturize all skin types. Here’s how you select the best body lotion for different skin types

Dry Skin

Dry skin requires a lot of hydration, especially in the harsh heat of the UAE. Therefore, you should opt for a thick, cream-based lotion like our Bioderma cream. Purchase a body lotion that contains shea butter, coconut/ avocado/ almond oil, and hyaluronic acid, as they moisturize your skin and reduce any visible cracks and wrinkles.

Oily Skin

For oily skin types, consider buying a non-comedogenic gel or water-based bath & body lotion. As a water-based body lotion is lighter, it quickly absorbs into your skin without leaving any grease behind. Buy a body lotion that contains aloe vera, Jojoba oil, or lotus extracts to keep your skin's protective layer soft and hydrated.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is much healthier than other skin types, allowing you to use any type of body lotion or hand cream. You should select a moisturizing body lotion based on your lifestyle and needs. If you spend most of your time outdoors, buy a body lotion with SPF protection. If your lifestyle demands you to be indoors, go for a more hydrating formula. 

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin types are prone to unwanted allergic reactions. Look for body lotions that contain anti-inflammatory and natural ingredients that calm your skin, such as chamomile, turmeric, cucumber, rosemary, etc Avoid buying a body lotion online that contains glycolic acid, retinoic acid, and salicylic acid.

Buy the best Body Lotion online at NAOS

By working with skin experts & dermatologists worldwide, NAOS has pioneered dermatological innovation for over 40 years. All our skincare products are formulated with the scientific principle of ecobiology that respects your skin. Our clinically tested Bioderma body lotions deeply moisturize your skin & protect its natural barrier. Our body lotion for women is formulated for all skin types to address your unique needs. Adding our Bioderma body moisturizer to your skincare routine rehydrates your skin while reducing signs of premature aging. So explore our body lotion & cream collection today and buy the best body lotion online in the UAE.

Get the Complete Skincare solution at NAOS

If you want to maintain your skin's moisture in the harsh environment of UAE, our Bioderma body lotion is perfect for you. At NAOS, we provide the best products for your skincare routine such as the Bioderma: 

Body lotion 

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