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Discover Effective And Safe Body Care Product Range At NAOS

Institut Esthederm's body care range is a sophisticated line of skincare products that showcases over 30 years of experience from a team of exceptional French researchers. Known for being years ahead of its time, Institut Esthederm offers innovative solutions for various skincare needs. Their bodycare range, in particular, is highly coveted for its effectiveness and quality. 

As a brand under the umbrella of NAOS, Institut Esthederm embodies NAOS's commitment to understanding and respecting the skin's natural mechanisms. NAOS, the parent brand of Institut Esthederm, is renowned for its scientific approach to skincare, focusing on skin health and balance. Institut Esthederm's body care products exemplify this philosophy, offering advanced formulas that deliver exceptional results.

Explore Our Body Care Product Line 

Institut Esthederm Age Proteom Advanced Serum 

Age Proteom Advanced Serum is a cutting-edge anti-aging body care serum that combats skin aging effectively. Its powerful and innovative formula combines two incredible activities. The serum features the renowned Eau Cellulaire patent, miming the skin's natural water offering high affinity and efficacy. 

It contains the new and exclusive Age Proteom technology, which preserves the skin's proteome, including essential proteins like elastin and collagen, which are crucial for skin aging. By protecting the skin's proteome, this technology slows skin aging, effectively targeting wrinkles, dullness, lack of firmness, lack of volume, and uneven skin tone. 

Key Benefits:

- Slows down skin aging by up to 49%

- Reduces all 5 visible signs of aging: wrinkles, loss of radiance, loss of density, loss of firmness, and uneven complexion

- Protects and strengthens all proteins in the skin, including collagen and elastin

- Reinforces the skin's ability to repair itself

- Prolongs skin's youthfulness on a cellular level

How to Use:

Apply twice daily, morning and evening. The pipette automatically fills with the perfect amount for the face and neck. Press the push button to release. Apply to the face, neck, and décolleté, alone or before your favorite Institut Esthederm skincare routine.

Absolute Firming-Contouring Body Care

Esthederm Absolute Firming-Contouring Body Care is a multifaceted formula that simultaneously targets slimming, anti-cellulite, and firming. Our advanced body care product effectively combats aqueous and adipose cellulite, enhancing skin elasticity.

Designed for daily use, its rich, pleasantly scented texture effortlessly blends into the skin, providing an instant feeling of comfort and hydration. 

These benefits are made possible by a formula that combines three potent active ingredients. 

Caffeine eliminates stored fatty acids for intensive and rapid slimming, while Escin stimulates microcirculation and offers a long-lasting draining effect. The innovative SCULP Technology restores tissue structure, ensuring extra firmness and elasticity. Esthederm Absolute Firming-Contouring Body Care provides comprehensive care for a toned, sculpted silhouette and improved skin texture.


- Reduces cellulite and increases firmness

How to Use:

Apply once or twice a week to problem zones using ascending movements. Use as a one-month renewable treatment.

City Protect InCellium Spray

Our body care spray reinforces the skin's natural defenses and helps fight urban stress and environmental aging factors. The body care spray features exclusive triple youth protection, including global cellular protection and patented intracellular protection technology (InCellium). 

Our body care spray prevents photo-aging and dark spots, fights factors that damage collagen and slows the appearance of wrinkles and loss of firmness. It protects and improves the skin's natural resistance to the sun and pollution. The innovative spray is designed to keep your skin healthy, youthful, and radiant, making it an essential addition to your skincare routine.

Key Benefits:

- Fights collagen deterioration factors, slowing down the appearance of wrinkles and loss of firmness.

- Protects and improves the skin's natural resistance to outside exposure and pollution.

How to Use:

Spray over the face, body, and hair from a 20 cm distance and work in with light sweeping motions. Use at all times of the day, especially when the skin is exposed to the outside environment.

Morpho Fitness

Morpho Fitness is like an exercise in a tube! This innovative product mimics the effects of physical activity or sports, preventing the restocking of fat for long-lasting slimming results. It visibly reduces cellulite and the appearance of orange peel skin, leaving your skin smoother, supple, and softer. 

Regular use improves the quality of your skin, refining and sculpting your silhouette day by day. Morpho Fitness works intensely on the processes responsible for cellulite, enhancing fat transformation into energy. 

Our body care cream is ideal for those with localized roundness, offering immediate and lasting anti-fat release for a sublime silhouette. Our fluid slimming activating gel enhances and prolongs slimming results, optimizing the effects of physical activity or a slimming massage.


- Slims the body and reduces cellulite

How to Use:

Apply to rebellious areas in the morning and evening with upward massage movements. Use in addition to physical activity. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

Why Choose Body Care Cream From NAOS

Discover why you should buy body care products from NAOS:

Exceptional Research and Innovation

NAOS, the parent brand of Institut Esthederm, boasts over 30 years of experience in skincare research. Their body care creams result from innovative formulations developed by exceptional French researchers, ensuring effective and advanced products.

Scientifically Proven Formulations:

NAOS's body care creams are backed by scientific research, ensuring they deliver visible results and address specific skin concerns.

Tailored to Your Skin's Needs:

Whether dry, sensitive, or aging skin, NAOS offers body care creams formulated to meet your skin's unique needs.

Ethical and Sustainable:

NAOS is committed to ethical practices and sustainability, making its body care products a responsible choice for conscientious consumers.

Trusted by Professionals:

NAOS's body care products are used and recommended by skincare professionals worldwide, attesting to their quality and effectiveness.