A brand inspired by ecobiology

Ultimate respect for the skin and its functioning is our founding principle, reflected both in our concept (two distinct product lines – Pure Skincare and Pure Active Care and in our formulation approach.
Etat Pur embodies perfectly the ecobiological approach principles developed by NAOS (the origin of the Bioderma and the Institut Esthederm brands) for more than 40 years: better preserve your skin’s ecosystem and strengthen its natural mechanisms.

Respectful, ultra-safe

Our extremely rigorous approach to product formulation goes well beyond common practice in cosmetics – even organic cosmetics. Our formulation charter only includes 300 (just 1%) of the 30,000 ingredients generally used in cosmetics.

Selection of these ingredients takes into account the very latest independent scientific research and publications, to ensure an in-depth knowledge and mastery of their modes of action.

Our Approach: Skin in it's purest state

To safely take good care of your skin,
day in day out.

Pure Skincare

Etat Pur has created Pure Skincare products, all without active ingredients. These are created to safeguard the skin’s natural resources and take care of it every day, helping restore the skin’s biological balance over time. Properly cleansing and moisturising your skin, with unnecessary ingredients. Protect the skin’s natural resources and take care of it every day, with no harmful or unnecessary ingredients


To effectively treat skin problems,
when they are present

Pure Actives

Sometimes your skin needs a little helping hand… whether that is from irritation, redness, first signs of ageing etc. Etat Pur Actives are used only when the skin needs it. Each Active is created using the purest molecule, selected based on the specific care & help your skin requires, to ensure that they are fully effective without being harsh to the skin.


At the heart of our products, lies an approach that is just as important as the end result.

Our key principles

1. Usefulness

We focus on ingredients that are strictly essential for the desired benefit. No unnecessary or useless ingredients to overburden the skin.

2. Purity

Our ingredients are chosen from amongst the purest with of the most important selection criteria to check for potential formol, phthalate, solvent, pesticide or heavy metal residue.We  focus on ingredients that are strictly essential for the desired benefit. 

3. Safety

We only use the safest components in order to ensure that our products are safe for all skin types. Above all, we do not use anything that might be harmful or controversial: amongst other things, silicon, mineral oils and synthetic colourants have all been banned from our formulas

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